Alive N Sixey - 2006 Verily Sixes Filly

Emma's 2006 Verily Sixes filly
Alive N Sixey - Emma's 2006 Verily Sixes filly, 1 year old


...but check out the 2008 colt that is a full brother to this filly. You can see him here:
Verily Sixes / Bugs Alive colt

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Verily Sixes' foals are all eligible for the Future Fortunes Incentive program and the AQHA Incentive fund.

AQHA Incentive Fund! Future Fortunes Incentive Program!

This filly was born February 25, 2006. She stood up within a half hour and never lost her feet. As you can see in the photos, she has prominent hooks on the ends of her ears. She will be either a sorrel or a red roan. We will continue to add photos to this web page.

The mare is an own daughter of Bugs Alive In 75, a stallion that has consistently been at or near the top of the list of leading maternal grandsires of money winning barrel horses. We bred this mare and did an embryo transfer to a recipient mare in order to leave the dam open for an earlier breeding in the spring.

What an outstanding pedigree, loaded with barrel horse power! It is displayed at the bottom of this page. You can research the horses in the pedigree by clicking on the horse's name if it is displayed in red. Take a look: Bugs Alive In 75, Top Moon, On The Money Red, Packin Sixes, Streakin Six, all close up, and other great horses of yesteryear.

By continuing to enroll our stallion, we have ensured that this foal will be eligible for the Future Fortunes program and the AQHA Incentive Fund.

Bugs Alive In 75 has been the leading maternal grandsire of money-winning barrel horses for the past ten year period. You have to have a foal out of an own daughter in order to take advantage of that incredible record, and that is what we have in this foal. You will seldom find foals of own daughters offered for sale.

Verily Sixes, sire

The sire, Verily Sixes (Packin Sixes, Streakin Six, and On The Money Red). You can See his photos and information here >>

Miss Emma Pyron, dam

The dam, Miss Emma Pyron (an own daughter of Bugs Alive In 75). You can See her photos and information here >>

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Pedigree of  Alive N Sixey - 2006 filly by Verily Sixes
(You can click on the horses' names in red to learn more about them.)

(SIRE side)   Streakin Six Easy Six (Easy Jet)
  Packin Sixes Miss Assured
  Copasetti Three Oh's (Three Chicks)
Verily Sixes   Mona Pollita
  On The Money Red Bennie's Big Red
  Money Red Bar Dolly Priest
  Shea St Bar St Bar (Three Bars)
    Lady Godiva Go

(DAM side)   Top Moon Moon Deck
  Bugs Alive In 75 Rica Bar
  Ralph's Lady Bug Jack's Jet (TB)
Miss Emma Pyron   Lady Bug Leo
  Mr T Chicks Three Chicks (Three Bars)
  Jetettas Chick Miss Bonnie Rose
  Southern Jetetta Southern Jet (Jet Deck)
    Bonnie Alert (Buddy Dexter)